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Fester, the Tree Climbing Cat

A few winters ago, Fester went missing. After an extensive search, his family found him at the very top of a 70-foot tree. Hanging on to a precarious branch all day and night, Fester ignored efforts to coax him down for 4½ days! He had no food, no water and no shelter from the frigid cold and wind. Distraught over Fester’s plight and unable to reach him, fearing that he might fall at any moment, his owners called SAFER.


Although SAFER can trap a cat, we don’t climb trees.  SAFER contacted Beaver Tree Services.  Climbing expert Steve Nicholas rushed to Fester’s aid, skillfully returning him to his owners. Warmed, comforted and thankfully no worse for wear, Fester ate a much-needed meal and had a good long drink of water. After attending to his personal needs and giving himself a thorough bath, Fester fell peacefully asleep in his own comfortable bed.


If you are looking for professional excellence in tree services, or if you need Your cat rescued from a tree, please contact Steve. His business card reads: “We Do the Tough Ones.” Well, he certainly proved that! Thank you, Steve, from all of us – and from Fester!


Steve Nicholas has worked for Beaver Tree Services for 30 years.  They cover the entire Essex and Rockingham counties.  Steve is offering his services For Free to kitty owners who need help getting Their cat out of a tree. Call him at: 603-583-3556.  (If he doesn’t answer, please send him a Text and he will get back to you.)  Thank you, Steve.  You are a Kitty Angel

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