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About Us

Who are we

SAFER is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping homeless cats in the New Hampshire Seacoast Area.

Your tax-deductible donations are used to pay for vet services and care for these cats. Each cat and kitten that SAFER helps is spayed/neutered, given appropriate shots and all required medical treatment. It adds up!  Please help us help the cats.

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Our Mission

To humanely trap, neuter and medically clear, release or place those cats that are deemed to be homeless, always improving the quality of life for the cats in our care. To develop and administer programs that will both educate the public and meet the needs of the homeless cats, thus helping to make the NH Seacoast cats SAFER.

Our History

SAFER was organized in 1998 by a group of caring residents and business owners. SAFER is a non-profit organization, staffed entirely by unpaid Volunteers, funded exclusively through donations, and dedicated to the well-being of feral and homeless cats and kittens left abandoned in the New Hampshire Seacoast area.


SAFER has been very successful in rescuing homeless socialized and semi-socialized cats and kittens from the seacoast area and placing them for adoption. Unfortunately, adult non-social feral (or "community") cats are unable to be socialized for adoption. These cats are sterilized and returned to their original location.  They are cared for daily by SAFER volunteers for the rest of their lives.

SAFER has trapped and/or neutered and vetted over 4,000 cats in the Seacoast area since 1998. (That is the equivalent of 1 cat every 2 days since SAFER began!) It has been estimated that a single pair of breeding cats, and their offspring, can produce over 400,000 cats in 7 years.

Until people discontinue the practice of abandoning their cats and/or letting intact cats roam free, SAFER’s services are essential for controlling and REDUCING the population of abandoned and feral cats and kittens in our area that would otherwise be left on their own to scrounge for food and shelter in their attempt to survive.

Please – Spay or Neuter your pet!

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