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In a Nutshell

What does SAFER do?

We trap homeless & feral cats.

What happens to those cats?

After holding the cat for a week (in case someone has lost it), it goes to the vet to be checked for microchip (returned to owner if one is found), spay/neutered, receive appropriate shots and any medical treatment necessary, and is microchipped.

How does SAFER pay these veterinary bills?

Public donations, fundraisers, and the money from your purchases of SAFER merchandise.

What happens to these cats after they receive vet care?

The friendly/homeless cats are placed for adoption.

The community (feral) cats are returned to their original home.

How do these community cats survive?

SAFER sets-up a shelter and feeding station.

SAFER Volunteers feed each returned-cat canned & dry food and gives them fresh water every day.

Where does this food come from?

Food is donated by the public (placed in our donation boxes) or dropped off to a SAFER representative.

Does SAFER receive enough food donation to feed All the returned community cats?

No.  At times, SAFER must use money donated by the Public to purchase food.

How many community cats does SAFER care for?

Currently, SAFER cares for 21 cats each day at these stations.  (In 2004, we were caring for over 800 community cats.)

How many cats has SAFER helped?

Over 4,000 cats have been cared-for since we began in 1989!  That is 1 cat every 2 days!!

What towns does SAFER service?

From Portsmouth to Seabrook – Hampton to Exeter.

How much money goes to the SAFER Volunteers?

ZERO!  Every SAFER Volunteer is Unpaid!!

Every penny SAFER receives goes directly toward the care of the cats.

Please Give Generously
We Thank You for Your Support and the Cats Thank You!!
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