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Nov 2018 - Mr. Corey & Miss Liliana -- a wonderful barn-cat story by Hanna Moore, who writes: Corey and Liliana were adopted on October 14th after Miss Liliana had 6 baby teeth removed (they didn’t fall out on their own). She has absolutely blossomed!

Corey and Liliana enjoy playing with their toys, especially toy mice and hay strings, snoozing in their “cube house” and on hay bales and LOVE to come see their people at meal times, purring until they get their food! Liliana is definitely the boss and often pushes her brother out of the way or insists on “sharing” his

food. Mr. Corey loves to climb hay bales and run though the hay tunnels he has discovered. They have also made a new friend, the dog that lives on the farm. They think she is ok, except when she eats their food.

Both cats are turning into social butterflies and are still trying to figure out why the humans want to “pet” them. We can’t wait to see how they continue to grow!

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