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Gabby, the Chatty Tabby

as told by Stephanie Stanley


SAFER was instrumental in getting us help for a stray black cat that appeared in our garage in August 2012 crying in hunger and pain due to cysts in her mouth so severe she was prevented from eating - literally. She was starving and, even though we didn't know her, we vetted her more than once to have the cysts drained in hopes it would resolve. After a week of treatment, we knew this was more than we could handle and a friend suggested we call SAFER to see if they could help with funds or take her from us, even though we were rapidly falling in love.


After hearing Gabby's story, SAFER became her life saver by arranging low-cost services through Arbor Vet. Dr. Williams felt certain surgery would bring relief to this poor cat's mouth and stomach. The surgery went beautifully, and she was able to eat and gain weight. We are forever grateful to SAFER for advocating for us and Gabby.


We found Gabby's original owner quite by accident one day.  A couple had moved from PA to a house a few streets away from us a month or so before Gabby showed up at our door. They had had her since she was an 8-week-old kitten. Apparently, she would never stay home, choosing instead to wander and show up at many houses.


They’d had another cyst removed by their vet the year before. That vet felt Gabby wouldn't survive a second surgery, so they left her in this condition. They are cat lovers and did their best to give her food that she could eat. One day, they were saddened when Gabby stopped coming home.  They didn't know that she had taken up residence in another home and had been treated and cured. I asked them if we could keep her, and they agreed, telling us she was 14!


Our son, wife, 3 kids and dog subsequently moved into our home from NC to start life in New England. Gabby hung around yowling her displeasure at the intrusion for about 3 months. Then, in true "Gabby form," she simply disappeared. We were devastated...until...wait for it – our neighbor Sandy saw me on my daily walk with my dog, Buddy.  Sandy proudly told me about her new black cat “Kiki” that she had been feeding on her porch for several weeks. It was, of course, Gabby looking for a place to her liking – and boy did she luck out! Sandy was alone as her cat had passed.  She couldn't believe her good fortune having this kitty find her.


We agreed to co-parent, though it was clearly Sandy that Gabby loved. Indulged and deeply loved for 4 years, I saw her daily, sunning and grooming herself, letting Sandy fawn over her, and literally running that poor woman's life – talking constantly, as she did when she lived with me. At Sandy's house there was no competition and Sandy literally lived for her! With her silky black fur gleaming in the sun, showing the brown undertone as the sun intensifies, her stunning golden eyes blinking at you slowly with perfect contentment – knowing that her life will be forever protected, and she will be loved and cared for all her days. What more can anyone ask for?


Sandy and I went together to the vet whenever necessary, sharing the costs. It was finally determined Gabby was in kidney trouble for about a year before she passed at home with Sandy. We will continue to rescue cats – but none will ever rival the incomparable Gabby! She was loved by everyone she touched.

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