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Oct 2018 - Remy - a stray kitty's story:

A little over a week ago, a little friendly stray cat walked up to Karen Hale Memmolo's family while they were walking their dogs.

Karen writes: He was sooooo skinny but so sweet, and he followed us home. My boyfriend fed him and we took his photo and put it out on a town website. A very nice lady named Gosia (a SAFER Volunteer, as it turned out) wrote me asking if he was microchipped. I said I don’t know. She said she had a scanner and would be happy to come check. She was at my house in a couple of hours and we discovered he was not. She asked me what I planned to do. I said I would probably bring him to the shelter because I couldn’t afford another animal and this cat needed extensive care judging from his condition. This amazing woman offered to pay for a veterinarian exam. We ended up making him some room in our garage with everything he needed that night.

The next day we brought the cat to his appointment and the doctor said he needed a bunch of tests and other things. The estimate was a lot. Gosia asked me to bring “Remy” to her and another lady named Linda (another SAFER Volunteer). They would take care of this baby over the weekend and get him to their vet. Long story short, poor Remy was in a real bad way. He had been severely injured, and it was determined that he should be put down to end his suffering. Linda, my best friend, and I were all there to help this beautiful sweet baby cross over the Rainbow Bridge.

Even though this story did not have a happy ending, I truly know that this poor guy really had angels here in the form of the SAFER Volunteers, and they tried everything in their power to help this baby, making his final days much better. A special thanks to you girls. I feel I have been touched by your wonderful kindness as well.

I have made a couple of great friends and I hope that our journey continues because I see the passion and love you bring, not only to the cats and kittens you help, but to everyone you come into contact with. God bless the SAFER family.

(SAFER thanks You, Karen, for helping this little kitty! Remy is no longer suffering because You cared.)

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