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Pumpkin Huffington and Sprout enjoying a
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Aug 2018 - 
A Tail with a Happy Ending, Seabrook, NH: Several community cats were living at a SAFER Feeding Station. Community (also known as “feral”) cats are cats that were originally owned by people who lost them, abandoned them, or moved and left them behind. Fortunately, these cats found a safe area that had food, water and shelter – all supplied by the Volunteers of SAFER and made possible through the generous donations of the public.

These cats were trapped, vetted & neutered and those who were deemed adoptable went to forever homes. Those who had become untrusting of people (in order to survive), and deemed too feral to place for adoption, were returned to their original location and maintained daily by our wonderful SAFER Feeders.

Typically, a feral cat lives only 3-5 years - very hard years - fending for themselves. Since all cats that SAFER traps are neutered as part of their vet services, these cats do not reproduce, fight, and tend to stay very close to the feeding station.

Now for the fairy-tail ending: Three cats from one of the stations, after several years of daily interaction with the Feeders, decided People aren’t All bad. They allowed themselves to be re-trapped and placed in a loving home with three resident cats. One of these cats, named Sprout, has been living as a feral for at least 10 years! Along with Puffington and Pumpkin, these lucky cats are happy and living a wonderful indoor-life as part of a clowder of six with Steve Consoli and his wife, Janet.

Steve says, “They're doing great.  They and get along good with my three other cats, Buttons, Midnight & Penelope. Ever since they've been here, I haven't had any problems with them at all. Sprout is a little standoffish, but she's getting better and better every day. All three of them come upstairs all the time. They eat with the other cats, except for Sprout who will only eat by herself or with Pumpkin and Puffington. If anybody wants to come and see them, just let me know.”

Sprout has come around amazingly well with Steve and Janet’s patience and love - she is content now, as are Pumpkin, Puffington, and the entire family. I guess this just goes to show what can happen when a "feral" cat gets older and/or get used to people coming to help them every day - they give us a second chance to be the people we should have been.

SAFER THANKS everyone for generously supporting our non-profit so that we can care for these forgotten cats. Every penny we receive goes directly to the cats. We are staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers. By neutering, adopting-out the “friendly” cats, and maintaining the feral cats, we can keep our community LITTER FREE!



She is doing so well, in no small part to Steve (her new Daddy) who is Amazing! With lots of patience and love, look at her now -- living inside and enjoying her First Brushing. A throw-away kitty for 10+ years, living in the cold all winter and heat all summer, running from predators, and looking for shelter and food daily, she will no longer suffer. She has a forever home! EVERY cat deserves to be loved and cared for.  PLEASE spay/neuter your cats. SAFER can help if you need assistance.


Oct 2018 - Sprout has gotten a lot better. Steve even gives her baths! She's very affectionate. Interestingly, she wants to be picked up. As soon as Steve picks her up, he puts her down; and she comes right back over to him. She's a great cat! Life for Sprout is good ...finally.


Jan 2019 - Last week Sprout was very, very sick with a terrible upper respiratory infection. Steve, of course, took her to the vet, where she stayed for two nights recuperating. The vet thinks she's even older than the 10 years originally predicted! Home at last and doing fantastic, here is how Sprout, Puffington & Pumpkin are living today. What a change from living in the bitter cold outside just last year!! Don't you just love it?? You buy beautiful comfy cat beds and they sleep next to them.

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